Frequently Asked Questions

Where are KOR products manufactured?

Our KOR Bottles are made by a highly respected and environmentally conscious plant in China. KOR have personally inspected both plants to assure that they are “practicing what they preach.” 


Care and Usage

How do I clean my KOR Bottles? Can they go in the dishwasher?

We recommend hand washing your KOR Water Bottles with hot water with a small drop of dish soap and a bottle brush.

Different dishwashers have different temperature cycles and although you can put your bottles through a standard dishwasher cycle (approximately 50 to 55 degrees Celsius) on the TOP RACK ONLY (away from the heating element), we can not guarantee that your KOR bottle will not sustain damage if your dishwasher runs at higher temperatures.

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by putting your KOR water bottle through a hot dishwasher cycle.  Tritan™ (the transparent plastic that comprises the bottle

 body) has been shown in tests to withstand 500 washings with no visible degradation on a regular wash cycle. That means if you wash your bottle once a week, it should last 10 years or more (compare that to polycarbonate, the most common type of clear hard plastic used in water bottles, which started to degrade after only 30 washings in our tests). This was under stringent cycle settings.


To keep your KOR bottle clean and mould free - wash and allow your bottle to air dry completely with the cap open and the lid removed every night


Keeping your bottle clean is important, even more so if you are using any other liquid apart from plain water.

Daily washing of your bottle is necessary, even more so if you are using additive powders, liquids, vitamins, and non-water liquids, as these types of contents can smell or cause mould if residue is left in your bottle.

Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lipstick and sunscreen are very stubborn and hard to clean off.  

Please pay extra attention to the seals on your KOR bottle if you use these products as bacteria from your mouth can survive in lip product residue and result in your KOR bottle seals becoming mouldy.  Daily washing and complete air drying should prevent mould appearing.

Mould on KOR bottle seals is not covered under warranty and once there, although you can sanitise the seals by soaking overnight in white vinegar and then washing with warm soapy water, you can not remove the discolouration.   

Since our mouths naturally harbour bacteria, it is highly recommended that you do wash your bottle daily even when carrying just water!


Is it safe to put my KOR bottles in the microwave?

No. The KOR products feature stainless steel components (in the hinge and within the cap assembly) and therefore should never be placed within a microwave.


My KOR bottle appears to be leaking. What should I do?

KOR bottles features an innovative cap and seal that is completely leak-proof when fully closed. If you think your bottle might be leaking, please first check these potential causes to address the issue:

  1. Make sure the water leak is not coming from residual water that is trapped outside the spout and within the cap before closing (note: when filling your KOR, make sure you do not accidentally fill the cap with water as this water will spill when the cap is flipped close to seal the bottle).
  2. It is possible residual water has been trapped within the side trims of the KOR bottle when washing or refilling. Simply wipe the bottle surface with a dry towel or allow to fully air dry after cleaning.
  3. Be sure not to pull too aggressively on the handle as this can temporarily create a minor gap between the seal and spout, particularly if positioned upside-down. This could result in a momentary leak.
  4. Examine your round interior seal and make sure it is seated properly with no twists or gaps. If it is not on securely, the bottle most likely will leak. If your seal on your KOR ONE has seen better days, we offer replacements on our site. The seal is fully replaceable. Purchase a new seal in the KOR Accessories shop.


How do I know if my KOR bottle is completely closed?

KOR ONE and KOR Delta bottles feature an innovative hinged cap and threadless spout. The cap, hinge and seal have been designed to be completely leak-proof seal when closed. To close, be sure to firmly push down on the cap and ensure the latch closure has fully engaged. You should hear a "snap" sound when the KOR cap is securely closed.


KOR Vida and Aura: Simply turn the cap clockwise until it is tight, which puts enough pressure between the cap and the spout to seal it closed.


My seal came off during washing. What should I do?

KOR Aura was designed to allow for complete cleaning of the bottle and spout seal. During normal use, it is tethered to the roof of the cap to ensure it does not get lost. To reconnect, simply push the seal along the cap rim. If you have lost your seal, please purchase a new seal in the KOR Accessories shop.


The seals on the KOR One and KOR Delta are permanently fixed to the cap, so they should not come off while washing.


The rubber seal on my KOR ONE cap is gone or needs replacing.

Unfortunately, the seals on the KOR One are not replaceable.


The cap on my KOR Delta needs replacing. How do I get a new one?

These caps are fully replaceable. They are available online to purchase in the KOR Accessories shop.


Can I put my KOR bottles in the freezer?

We don't recommend it as this may cause the bottle to crack.


Can I put hot liquids in my KOR bottle?

No, although the materials KOR bottles are made from can withstand high temperatures, the bottles themselves may become hot enough to burn you and pressure may build up in closed bottles containing hot liquids which could cause burns when opened.


Can I put alcoholic beverages in the KOR ONE?

We don't recommend it since the KOR bottles weren't designed to hold alcoholic beverages and hasn't been tested for use with them.


Will ice cubes fit in my KOR bottle?

Yes. We made sure the mouth of the KOR bottles would be large enough to handle most ice cubes.


Do I need to wash my KOR bottle before using it for the first time?

Yes. Before use, you should thoroughly rinse your bottles with soap and warm water.



Do KOR Bottles keep water cold?

KOR bottles weren’t designed to keep beverages cold, but its wide mouth is great for dropping in a few ice cubes.


Will the KOR ONE or KOR Delta bottle make my water smell or taste like plastic?

No. We sometimes hear this complaint about polycarbonate, steel, aluminium and HDPE bottles. KOR bottles are made from Eastman Tritan™, which has no odour and imparts no taste.


Is the KOR ONE unbreakable?

No. While made with durable materials and high quality manufacturing techniques, KOR bottles are sophisticated pieces of engineering and not intended for extreme physical conditions. When cared for properly, it will provide years of pleasurable and practical use.


Will my KOR bottle leak if I leave it in my bag or I lay it on my car seat?

KOR bottles are designed to be completely leak-proof under normal conditions and with proper use. As long as the bottle has been properly closed, it should not leak in your bag. Listen for the “click” and you will know it is shut tight.

KOR Stones™

The Stones™ thing sounds cool, but what are they?

KOR Stones™ are disc-shaped inserts that fit inside the cap of KOR ONE and KOR Delta bottles. They're a way to personalise your bottle and a reminder of what's important to you. You can put anything you like on a Stone™ — a phrase that inspires you, the name of a loved one, your company's logo, even a picture. Once a Stone™ is inserted, it becomes visible inside the cap so every time you take a drink, you'll have a private moment with your Stone™.

Our KOR Stones™ are printed on a treeless waterproof paper by Fiberstone®, just in case you get any moisture in the Stone™ area while washing the bottles. When using your own paper or photo, it is advisable to remove it while washing the bottles.

Each KOR ONE and KOR Delta bottle comes with two Stones™ of pre-printed messages that inspire us (and hopefully you!).


Where can I purchase additional KOR Stones™?

We have several different sets of Stones™ available on our website over and above the standard KOR Stones™ that come in your bottle when you purchase it. Please take a look and see what speaks to you!


Can I create my own KOR Stones™?

In the near future, we'll be offering some online tools that will make creating Stones™ easy and fun. When you create a Stone™ online, you will have the option of having it printed by us on special waterproof paper and delivered to you or printing it out at home. If you print your stones at home, we want to caution you that the chamber where the Stones™ are inserted isn't waterproof. Washing your bottle or filling it too vigorously could result in your Stone™ getting wet. This could cause the ink to run or the paper to curl. If you create your own Stones™, please remember to remove them before washing your bottle and be careful not to splash too much water on the cap when filling it with water.


How do I change my KOR Stone™?

Stones™ are located underneath the cap insert on top of your bottle. The cap insert is the piece of rubber that sits on top of your bottle, directly under the handle. Simply lift the rubber tab and the insert will pop off. Then, insert your Stone™ in the hollow area underneath the insert. Remember to place the Stone™ face down with any words facing the front of the bottle. If you're having trouble removing a stone, just tip the bottle over and give it a little shake. The Stone™ should drop right out.


What are KOR Stones™ made from?

Stones™ are printed on a unique recyclable, biodegradable treeless waterproof paper called Fiberstone®. This special treeless paper is actually made up of non-toxic resins and ground up rock.


I have been hearing a lot about BPA. What is it?

Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA, is a chemical that is commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate is the most common type of plastic used in clear water bottles. BPA has been linked to a variety of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and early onset of puberty. The longer a liquid sits in a container made with BPA, the more of it leaches into that liquid. The hotter the liquid and the older the container, the faster this leaching occurs.


As a company, we place the utmost priority on the health safety of our products. While there is still debate over the health impact of BPA, we didn't want to leave anything to chance. That's why none of our products contain BPA.


What is the KOR Delta made of?

The main body, handle and side trim of the KOR Delta is made from a BPA-free material called Tritan™. Tritan™ is a new co-polyester polymer manufactured by Eastman. We're very excited to partner with Eastman to provide a durable, attractive water bottle that eliminates the concerns of BPA. The seal, cap insert and soft base are made from GLS TPE. All of these materials are BPA-free and phthalate-free.


What is the KOR Aura made of?

The body of the KOR Aura is made of a BPA-free material called Tritan™. Tritan™ is a new co-polyester polymer manufactured by Eastman. We're very excited to partner with Eastman to provide a durable, attractive water bottle that eliminates the concerns of BPA. The cap is made of BPA-free polypropylene with a food grade silicone seal. All of these materials are BPA-free and phthalate-free.




Is my KOR bottle made from recycled materials?

No, but we're working on it. Our primary goal was to provide a BPA-free product using a clear, durable material. Tritan™ was therefore the obvious choice for the bottle body on the KOR ONE, the KOR Delta, and the KOR Aura. But while Tritan™ is fully recyclable, it is so new that it is not currently available in recycled form. As the market for Tritan™ matures, we expect this will change.


In addition to Tritan™, the side, top and bottom trims of the KOR ONE are made from ABS plastic. Recycled ABS is available, but we have not yet been able to find a supply that meets our requirements for colour consistency and structural integrity. We continue to evaluate both recycled ABS and other recycled plastics and hope to someday offer a “recycled” KOR bottle that utilises recycled materials for the trim parts.


You say that KOR bottles are recyclable. So why isn't there a recycling symbol or code on it?

You've probably noticed that many plastic products display a single digit code within a triangular recycling symbol. These are called resin identification codes and they indicate what type of plastic the product is made from. Recycling centres use these codes for sorting the different plastics into groups for efficient recycling. You can view a list of these codes and their definitions here.


Although the KOR bottles are made from recyclable materials, they fall into the number 7 category, which is reserved for miscellaneous resins (those that aren't covered in categories 1-6) and products that contain a combination of resins. As you can see, KOR bottles are made up of several different materials, while the numbering system only works on single material items.


Polycarbonate plastic, which contains BPA, also falls into the number 7 category. Unfortunately, this has resulted in news stories instructing consumers to avoid products displaying a number 7 resin code. KOR bottles do not contain BPA and we didn't want consumers to be confused about this. We therefore left off the code.

We also felt the code was confusing for another reason: it falsely implies that the product is easily recyclable. This is not the case for number 7 resins because very few municipal recycling programs exist for these.

Service and Support

I have some feedback on your products or an idea for a new one. How do I get in touch?

We appreciate any and all feedback. Please go to our contact page on how to get in touch.



I purchased a KOR from another retailer and want to return it. How much does shipping cost?

Returns of KOR products purchased through our retail partners are subject to their policies. Please contact the retailer you purchased from to find out what their policy is.


How long will it take to receive my order?

View our shipping policies.


How do I get customer support if I have a problem with my product?

Our customer support team would be happy to help solve your problem. Just contact them!


What kind of warranty do I get with my KOR bottle?

The KOR range includes a limited manufacturers warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship.


I think there's a defect in my product. How do I send it back for repair/replacement?

Please read our complete details on warranty returns.